Eye Exams? We test more than just eyesight, we test vision!

20/20 Eyesight Does Not Mean Perfect Vision

Children and adults with high visual demands often experience visual stress and have undetected visual problems which interfere with their ability to perform. Symptoms such as loss of place, visual fatigue, blur, headaches, reduced comprehension, and difficulty concentrating may indicate a developmental and/or visual stress problem.

Our comprehensive vision analysis goes beyond 20/20 to evaluate many important visual skills, such as:

Eye Health

The eye, neural pathways, visual fields and eye pressure are evaluated to determine the presence of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, and other ocular and systemic diseases.

Refractive Status

Evaluation for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and the benefits of glasses and contact lenses.

Visual Acuity at Near

Is vision clear and single at close distances? Clear sight at short distances is critical to reading, writing, close work, computer use, etc.

Visual Efficiency

Evaluation for visual tracking, focusing and eye coordination ability to insure maximum performance for school, work, and leisure activities. Eye tracking and fixation skills include the ability of the eyes to fixate and accurately follow an object; including the ability to move the eyes across a sheet of paper while reading.

Eye Teaming Skills

Do the two eyes aim, move, and work as a coordinated team? Weaknesses in binocular (two-eyed) vision and eye teaming skills can cause numerous difficulties, including convergence insufficiency and poor depth perception.

Visual Perception

Figure-ground, visual closure, form constancy, visual discrimination, laterality/directionality, visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual-motor integration.

Reversal Frequency

Is confusion or reversal of letters or words (b, d; p, q; saw, was; etc.) within the normal ranges for a given age? Past the age of seven, frequent visual and written reversals might indicate a visual perceptual dysfunction.

Visual Motor Integration

Evaluates the ability to combine visual input with other sensory input (hand and body movements, balance, hearing, etc.)

While a comprehensive vision analysis of all the visual skills needed for the learning or work environment can take several visits to complete, the first step is a primary care eye exam. At this appointment, you will find that we use computerized instruments for assisting us in determining your refractive status. We test entry level skills for eye teaming, tracking and focusing abilities. Our computers use digital imaging to photograph the retina and other eye structures so Dr. Johnson can show you any eye health concerns and track them over time.

Our primary vision exam concludes with a recommendation for any further testing and a discussion of all treatment options, including lens prescriptions for spectacles or contact lenses, if needed. When further developmental vision testing is advised, you may be scheduled for a sensorimotor exam and/or a visual information processing exam where the details of visual perception and visual motor integration are evaluated. These exams conclude with a consultation appointment explaining all findings in detail. If vision therapy is recommended as a treatment option, the length of treatment and program expectations will be discussed at that time.

Emergency Eye Care:

Our office is equipped to handle most minor eye injuries, foreign bodies in the eye, corneal abrasions, and acute red eye conditions. During normal office hours, call ahead and you will be seen the same day. Dr. Johnson will see patients after hours by contacting her at the numbers given by her answering service when you dial (906)228-4401. Most medical
insurances including BCBS, Medicare and Medicaid cover eye health appointments.

Laser Vision Correction services:

Dr. Johnson is a TLC (The Laser Center) certified affiliate and has been providing pre and post operative comanagement care since 1997. Combine the experience of TLC Lasik surgeon Dr. Lou Probst and the meticulous care and prescription accuracy of Dr. Johnson and you have a great team to insure your Lasik experience is comfortable and successful. If you are interested in reducing your dependency on eyeglasses, please ask for more information or contact us today.