Optometric Services


Our patient’s eye care needs are our highest priority. We are
committed to providing the finest eyecare products available. Our certified opticians can assist you in the proper selection of frames, lens options or contact lenses that suit your visual and lifestyle needs. We have over 900 frames in a wide variety of styles and prices.

Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses are one of our specialties. We have
patients from age 3 to 93 successfully wearing contact lenses. We enjoy the challenging fits of medically necessary lenses for Keratoconus, Aphakia and Binocular Dysfunction as well as lenses for those who enjoy the freedom and excellent vision contacts can provide. We offer all varieties of disposable
lenses, soft, gas permeable, tinted, bifocal and lenses for astigmatism. We often provide free trial lenses after a contact lens examination so you can “test drive” them before purchasing lenses.


We are proud to offer the highest quality eyewear available. In the event that your eyewear should require repairs, we back all our frames and most lenses with an exclusive two year warranty against breakage due to normal usage and product defects.

Safety/ Sport Eyewear:

Our office is a provider of both safety frames and
lenses that meet the ANSI Z87 standards required by OSHA. We are equipped to service the needs of the industrial patient including occupational examinations. We specialize in providing lens and frame products that will meet the special requirements of your individual lifestyle. Activities like golf, skiing, cycling, racquet sports and many others have special vision requirements that we can assist you with.


We are participating providers for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Michigan (vision and medical), Vision Service Plan, SET (School employers Trust), MEBS, Wausau and Medicare/Medicaid. We are able to submit claims for many other insurance plans, including Eye Med through the mine, Davis Vision, Spectera, Blue View Vision, and can give you an estimate of your insurance coverage. If you don’t have vision insurance, ask about our monthly payment options through Care Credit.