Samara’s Story

SamaraLooking back, I remember Samara at age 4, tripping down the steps into the living room. We had her eyes checked but no on caught any problems for years. The school vision testing showed she needed glasses and so at age 9, we brought her to Eye Associates. There we found that she had a “lazy eye” and was nearly blind in her right eye. The plan was to patch her good eye and put drops in the other. She felt claustrophobic and would become ill so we quit doing that. We were upset she had no help UNTIL Dr. Heidi. I had heard about the success of Superior Vision Therapy from a customer who was bringing her daughter here and the tremendous progress she was making under Dr. Johnson’s care. Now Samara’s getting ready for Driver’s Ed.

– Samara’s Mom, Debbie

Samara has right eye refractive Amblyopia and astigmatism. In April of 2010 Dr. Johnson’s exam revealed uncorrected acuities of: right eye 20/150 and left eye 20/40, with no depth perception, no stereo vision, and right eye suppression. Samara started vision therapy in June 2011, progressed to wearing contacts and improved acuities of: right eye 20/50 and left eye 20/20 vision. She no longer suppresses the eye and is using them together as a team. Samara graduated from VT in September 2011.

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