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Spring Style Show 2015

Spring Style Show

We are having a spring style show on May 14th from 11am – 7pm. There will be prizes, appetizers, refreshments, even manicures to show our appreciation! The main prize is a free frame of...

Protective Eyewear for Children

Protective Eyewear for Children

How to choose protective safety glasses and sports eyewear to protect your child’s eyes from injuries. Source: Protective Eyewear for Children –


RevitaLash Products

Superior Eye is excited to recommend RevitaLash products. Dr. Heidi Johnson, OD is recommending these cosmetic products to improve the health of the skin and hair follicles around your eyes and brows. Manufactured by...

Blue Light Exposure

Blue Light Exposure & New Anti-Reflective coatings

Blue Light Exposure Is It Really a Concern? Quality sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light rays emitted by the sun, since ultraviolet light can contribute to the development of...

UV Blue Blocking Lens

UV Blue Blocking Lens

We recently we did a video with TV6 about Digital Eye Strain and UV Blue Blocking Lenses. Do your eyes feel very dry, very heavy at the end of the day? Do you often...