Lens Designs and Treatments


Our doctors at Superior Eye take pride in making sure the prescription for your lenses is the most accurate it can be, but it’s important to know that the prescription is just the first step in designing a pair of glasses that will provide great vision and comfort for all your daily tasks. Our certified opticians will help you through the process.

Lens Design

Single Vision, Multifocal, Progressive, Aspheric, Computer Design, Anti-fatigue. There are over 50 manufacturers of progressive no-line bifocals and these can be identified by fine laser markings on the lens. The best lens designs use free-form generators controlled by computers to digitally grind powers that have been calculated to reduce distortions providing wider ranges of vision, stability with motion and greater visual comfort and accuracy.

Lens Material

Plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Hi-Index with various features and benefits

Lens Treatments

  • Non‐Glare – increases light to the eye, improves vision and eliminates fatiguing glare caused by overhead lights, poor lighting, headlights, and computer screens.
  • Blue and UV light protectionnew research indicates blue and UV light from many sources including smart phones, ipads, energy efficient fluorescents and computers is hazardous for our health increasing risk for vision loss from Macular Degeneration and affecting our sleep cycles.
  • Transitions – lenses that change from clear indoors to a dark sunglass or Polaroid outdoors
  • Polarization – a sunglass lens that cuts “blinding glare”
  • Opti-fog – helps reduce lens fogging
  • Scratch Protection – TD2 all our lenses are scratch protected

Position of Wear

Our office features Visioffice for accurate dispensing measurements not only for PD (pupillary distance) but over 6 additional measurements to insure your lenses are ground for the position of your eye.