Contact Lenses

We offer a variety of contact lens brands to meet your vision and comfort needs. The new unilateral pricing system allows us to stay competitive with other vendors.

Purchase a year supply and have your contact lenses directly shipped to your house! We also offer an “in house rebate” on annual supply purchases to help keep you supplied until your next annual eye health exam.

On your last pair of contact lenses and your lens tears? No problem! Call us to schedule your annual eye health examination and contact lens fitting and we can replace your torn lens at no charge to get you through until your upcoming exam.

All contact lens wearers should follow precautions to keep their eyes healthy! According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), “clean and safe handling of contact lenses is one of the most important measures contact lens wearers can take to protect their sight.”

Visit the AOA website to view more contact lens tips and tricks.

Call today to set up your next contact lens fit with Dr. Hartwig or Dr. Johnson!