Mary’s Story

MaryThroughout my journey, I saw a doctor in the emergency room, a follow-up doctor who cleared me to return to driving and work, my family care physician, and finally a neurologist. All worked hard to address my issues and hopes for a full recovery. Through a process of elimination, and the astuteness of my neurologist, I was referred to Dr. Johnson. In one evaluation she was able to identify what was happening with my vision. My vision problems were a direct result of my brain injury and I needed to retrain my brain! Rest and recovery had done their part in the healing process; my final recovery required vision therapy.

I attended weekly therapy sessions and completed daily therapy exercises for approximately 10 months. I started seeing improvements within the first few weeks and that motivated me to keep going. Once things got rolling, it seemed that every week I had a new milestone to share with my therapist, Chris. As my vision improved, my concentration and reading retention improved. I stuck with it until I finally graduated! I cannot imagine living with my vision the way it was, and am grateful vision therapy is available in Marquette. I would recommend Superior Eye Health to anyone with a vision or brain issue. You’ll be amazed at your success!

– Mary, Age 43

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