Lukas’ Story

LukasWe came to get Lukas’ eyes checked because I was concerned that his reading was so low and such a frustration. I was more concerned with his sight-knowing that could be an “easy” fix. I had no idea there was such a thing as vision therapy. We continued his therapy because we could notice improvements.

We had homeschooled Lukas for 1st grade and I knew his reading was a struggle. When we put him into school for 2nd grade he was way behind most of the kids in his class. We began vision therapy at home as well as Title 1 services in the school. By the end of the school year Lukas was reading a grade level!@ Improving almost 2 grade levels in just one school year! We were very pleased. It is also such a joy to see his interest and desire for reading grow.

– Lukas’ Mom, Becky

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