Gaven’s Story

GavenGaven’s attention span improved so much and he learned all his letters and numbers. VT has helped him so much it is amazing. The things he can do now that he couldn’t do before is also amazing. Even though we had to drive from Crystal Falls once a week for his sessions, it was way worth it. I would have done anything to help out Gaven.

I’m very thankful for Chris and her work with Gaven. The VT staff is awesome and so is Dr. Johnson’s staff upstairs. I don’t know what we would have done without Vision Therapy. I will always be forever grateful for this and what this has done for Gaven.

– Gaven’s Mom, Jodi

Gaven was having a hard time with his letters in Pre-K. Before he could go into early 5’s he had to have an eye test, which he failed. So he went to the eye doctor and found out he needed glasses. The original eye doctor only wanted him to wear glasses so I decided to go to Dr. Johnson. After Gaven’s exam, she said he would benefit from Vision Therapy. He started VT in September 2010. In the beginning he didn’t always want to do his home activities, but with extra rewards and praise we were able to get him to do them. He really liked doing them at the office with Chris and enjoyed his sessions with her.

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