Category: Success Stories

In this category you can view success stories from our patients.


Piper’s Story

Therapy started off great, but got hard to maintain, we kept going and fought hard until the end. Piper has started to read for fun. She has become a better athlete, going from an...


Brien’s Story

The Special Education Teacher from Powers Elementary had Brien informally tested after I had told her of a statement Brien had made about seeing “so many letters.” She recommended eye therapy. Brien couldn’t stay...


Mary’s Story

Throughout my journey, I saw a doctor in the emergency room, a follow-up doctor who cleared me to return to driving and work, my family care physician, and finally a neurologist. All worked hard...


Branden’s story

Branden has completed 36 weeks of vision therapy with Marjean. We had to drive 100 miles each way. It was a lot of hard and the exercises were also very hard for him. We...


Dominic’s Story

My heart broke when Dominic’s teacher called me saying that he broke down crying during a reading test at school. I knew I had to do something for him. Another parent suggested giving Dr....


Madilynn’s Story

My daughter needed her annual eye exam. I had heard good things about Dr. Johnson and the eye therapy program. My daughter was struggling in school with reading and visualization. Dr. Johnson suggested eye...