Branden’s story

BrandenBranden has completed 36 weeks of vision therapy with Marjean. We had to drive 100 miles each way. It was a lot of hard and the exercises were also very hard for him. We began to notice improvements in his hand-eye coordination and soon he didn’t get car sick anymore. After the summer of therapy, we went back to school. He could now copy from the board and he can fully write and answer his essays. His grades have improved significantly and school is easier for him. He has more confidence now in all areas of his life. Vision Therapy changed his life.

– Branden’s Mom, Kristen

Initially had difficulty problem solving and planning through activities, all affects of visual perceptual delays. During therapy, Marjean challenged his visual thinking and created the environment for learning with his vision. Branden, because of his active involvement and effort in therapy, displayed improvement in understanding instructions and visual thinking abilities. He also will benefit not only in school, but other activities, such as hockey, because of improved eye-hand coordination, motor planning, and speed and accuracy of his vision.

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